Scavenger Egg Hunt

Mar 25 - Apr 04

Search for the 5 different giant eggs, with the riddles given on the Park’s website and the Parks Facebook page, in 5 different parks in the City of Pompano Beach. Take pictures with each egg and post the gallery on the Park’s Facebook. Find all 5 eggs, post pictures on Park’s Facebook with your email and have a chance to win a prize. 3 random winners will be picked.

1. Find your first egg at a park on the intracoastal waterway, where you can sit back and watch the boats pass all day! It has a sandy beach, and is home to many squirrels and a variety of birds. People love to come to this park to exercise and play on the playground.

2. This one may be tricky so we’ll see how you fare, find your next egg at a park in Palm Aire. This egg is hidden in a Park named after a former commissioner in the Palm Aire Neighborhood.

3. This spring egg is located not in the sand…but a park that is named after elevated land.

4. You’re out for a hunt…you’re quite the planner, find this egg when you find the manor.

5. No rhyme this time, just a memory to honor find the final egg at this park, named after a real Pompano Beach hero who lost his life in Afghanistan during the Operation Red Wings.
Scavenger Egg Hunt